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Joseph Mallord William Turner, English, 1775 - 1851
The Burning of the Houses of Lords and Commons, October 16, 1834
Philadelphia Museum of Art

London Times on October 17, 1834

"Shortly before 7 o'clock last night the inhabitants of Westminster, and of the districts on the opposite bank of the river, were thrown into the utmost confusion and alarm by the sudden breaking out of one of the most terrific conflagrations (vuurzee) that has been witnessed for many years past....The Houses of the Lords and Commons and the adjacent buildings were on fire."

Turner witnessed the event, along with tens of thousands of spectators, and recorded what he saw in quick sketches that became the basis for this painting. Flames consume Saint Stephen's Hall, the House of Commons, and eerily (griezelig) illuminate the towers of Westminster Abbey, which would be spared. On the right the exaggerated scale and plunging perspective of Westminster Bridge intensify the drama of the scene, which Turner observed from the south bank of the Thames River.


kleurcontrast kleurpalet vlakverdeling zichtlijnen perspectief penseelvoering stilering ritme plaatsing in het vlak horizon contrast licht en schaduw weerspiegeling textuur glans verfsoort grootte lijst


Westminster Bridge door Daniel Turner 1800


This watercolour was Turner's first to be accepted for the Royal Academy's annual exhibition in April 1790, the month he turned fifteen. The watercolour showcases Turner's progress in mastering perspective, showing several buildings at dramatically different angles.

Palace of Westminster Londonparlementsgebouwen en westminster abbey op de achtergrond

greenwoodmap 1830


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